10 important facts on Hanuman worship in Puri, you want to know

Hanuman worship in Puri temple and its nearby is very ancient. Moreover it is associated with very interesting folktales. It is believed that this Hanuman worship evolved after the followers of Sri Rama find their prime deity in Sri Jagannatha and started worshipping him as Lord Sri Ram. You might be knowing that...

Smartphones are banned in Srimandir

Puri, Dec 16: Not only for the visitors, smart phones are banned for all in puri Srimandir Puri. The officials, VIPs and even the Servitors have to deposit their smartphones in designated kiosks before entering to the Sri Jagannatha temple complex. The Sri Jagannath managing committee on Thursday has validated this timely...

Puri Jagannatha Temple was plundered 18 times, Let’s know about the First attack

You may have read about the attack on Sri Somanath Mandir in history classes. In 1025 AD, Mohammed Ghori raided and attacked this temple 17 times in the western region of India. He destroyed the Jyotirlinga in addition to plundering the shrine. In contrast, the Puri Jagannatha temple was plundered. In its history, there have been 18...

Snana Yatra: When Sri Jagannatha Takes bath, the world comes Puri to witness

On this holy day, Sri Jagannatha emerges from the Rathna Singhasana with his brother Lord Balabhadra, sister Subhadra, and allies Lord Sudarshana, Sridevi, Bhudevi, and Madana Mohana to take a direct bath, called the holy Snana Yatra.

The Four gates of Sri Jagannatha Temple

Four Gates of Sri Jagannatha Temple act as 4 entrance points from 4 different directions and are named accordingly. you will find every gate is guarded by two masculine animals from each side. The Eastern gate is guarded by Two Lions (Singha) and named Singha dwara, The West is Guarded by Tigers and named Byaghra dwara, and...

Things you want to know: Ratna Singhasana

Ratna Singhasana is the Holy Dais in the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Jagannatha temple in Puri, on which the deities are installed and being worshipped.

Where is Jagannath Temple Located?

he temple of Sri Jagannath in Puri (Lat. 19° 18’ 17” N; Long. 85° 5T 39” E), is situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. It occupies a pivotal position in the religious map of India.

How Old is Puri Jagannatha Temple

The antiquities of Puri Jagannatha Temple, are traced back to the Vedic period. Sri Sankaracharya had established the Govardhana Pitha during 8th century.

Jhulan Yatra recalls the divine Romance in Puri Jagannatha Temple

Jhulan Mandap, as the name suggests it is the stage where the divine swing is hanged on a special occasion for Lord Madan Mohan, the representative idol of Sri Jagannatha. This Stage is known as Jhulana Mandap.

All about ‘Mukti Mandap’ of Sri Mandir

The Mukti mandap is the highest Pundit’s body in Sri Jagannatha temple, Puri. Learned Brahmins from the 18 sashana villages (previously 16) around Puri have their permanent seats on the Mukti mandap and the Shankaracharya of Puri Govardhana Pitha is the head of this august assembly of learned Brahmins.