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Puri, the abode of Lord Vishnu is considered as the holiest place for Hindus in India. This ancient place is well known for its spectacular Shri Jagannatha Temple and its great complex. Lord Sri Jagannatha worshipped here with Lord Balabhadra , Godess Subhadra and Lord Sudarshana as the chaturdha murty or Lord Vishnu himself. The puranas and other Sanskrit texts refer to this holy city like. Nilachala, Nilakandara, Nilagiri, Niladri, Purushottama, Purushottama kshetra, Srikshetra, Samkhakshetra . Jagannatha kshetra and Purushottama kshetra Puri on account of its great sanctity. So pilgrims from all around visit this place for Moksha.
This place also attracts tourists for its international blue flag beach, long living traditions, art, sculpture, paintings and cultural engagements.

The world famous Car Festival or Rathayatra of Jagannatha attracts large number of visitors during June – July of each year.

Purijagannatha.com is blogsite to propagate Sri Jagannath cult, methods of worship, importance of sanatana dharma, by creating unique contents, videos and podcasts. It also aimed at promoting its art, architecture, heritage through engagements and beautiful photographs.

We are not affiliated to Sri Jagannath temple in Puri or its administration. All contents reserve copyrights and violation of it in any form may initiate legal interventions.

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you can find various services like booking hotels, lodgings, authentic Servitors or Pandas. You can also buy specially designed handicrafts, customised arts & crafts, Traditional dishes like Khaja, Rassgola, Ladu. We will be happy to engage ourselves to facilitate you to buy Mahaprasad, Nirmalya and Patitapabana Bana ( flag) during your visit.

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