In its 10th-century architecture, the Eastern entrance gate of Sri Jagannatha Temple in Puri is known as Singhadwara or the Lions Gate. It is also known as the Dharma Dwara of the door to divinity. History says this Gumuta or Entrance point is built by Suryabanshi Kapilendra Deva in the 15th century AD.

Every morning the temple priest opens this door in the early morning and closes it after Badasinghara Besha, a special ritual observed after vacating the temple premises. designated Servitors open this door to the public and other servitors.
Singhadwara is guarded by two guard men and two lions. On the top of the entrance house, you can find idols of Mahalaxmi with other goddesses engraved on stone.

Like Singhadwara in the east you can find other 3 doors facing other three directions. to know more about 4 gates of Sri Jagannatha temple click here.
The antiquities of Puri Jagannatha Temple, are sometimes traced back to the Vedic period citing the reference to the vedi or altar on the sea shore as mentioned in the Vedas. We believe, Sri. Sankaracharya had visited Puri and established the Govardhana Pitha during the 8th century A.D.`

The Madalapanji in its earlier part of the Rajabhoga Itihasa ascribes the construction of Shri Jagannatha temple at Puri to the rule of Yayati Kesari in the 5th century A.D. But it is an established fact that the Kesari kings ruled over coastal Odisha during the 10th-11th centuries A.D only.